Tuesday, May 1

Tony Moly Dear Me Petit Blusher 01 Review (cheap candy doll strawberry pink dupe)

  • Bluish Pink Color like Candy Doll's Strawberry Pink
  • Pigmented(A little goes a long way) 
  • Fine shimmers
  • Affordable and available locally (Php 378)
  • Mild/non-irritating ingredients

  • cute but useless puff applicator (I prefer using a blush brush)

Overall take
This blush and the Milky Violet one make the perfect combo for stay true bluish pink dolly cheeks without breaking the bank! As much as I would love to buy Candy doll blushes, I find them too expensive since I like to scrimp on blushes and spend my money on lashes instead. If you are a fan of pink doll-like gyaru cheeks then you might want to consider this and the Milky Violet one from Tony Moly ;) 

Hope this helps! xx