Thursday, September 15

Rosie the riveter look

I'm taking a break from Gyaru/Ulzzang posts, I decided to try something different for today.

Yes these are old photos(before I dyed my hair blonde) but I think they're too fab to not share them with you guys ;) video tutorial below!(not by me sorry) but plenty of camwhore pics!!! Weeee!!!!!  >=) let me know if you guys want a  a makeup tutorial for this look, it's just a basic pinup look anyway.

Here's a hair video tutorial from one of my fave Youtube beauty gurus! Kandee Johnson (I love her so much!!!)
I got inspired to do this look after I saw this video less than a year ago.

To be honest I feel really depressed today. The company I applied for hasn't called me back yet so maybe the editor didn't like my writing samples. I've just been pigging out on junkfood and feeling sorry for myself. Oh well! life goes on!