Tuesday, September 13

Ulzzang to gyaru makeup

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 Introducing a dark-haired ulzzang version of me!!!

To be honest I miss those days of not having to spend so much time doing my hair and makeup. But then again, I love Gyaru fashion and the extra oomph it gives me. The end results more than make up for it!!!

Pictures and a tutorial below on how to go from Ulzzang to Gyaru!!!

 Simple Ulzzang look

To dolly gyaru glam!!!

The model sorta looks like Tricia Gosingtian doesn't she??? :)

 As you can see upper and lower eyelashes play a very important role in giving your eyes that dolly look that Gyaru is most known for. Use an eyelash adhesive that dries to a clear finish especially for lower false eyelashies(yes the japanese make lower false eyelashes!!!)

Leave a slight space below your lower waterline when you apply the lower falsies to make your eyes appear bigger.

That's all folks!!! xx