Sunday, August 28

blah blah blah

Boring day...didn't go out much or do anything because it was raining hard all day. Soo lazy! tried to eat healthy by having (little store-on-the-hill)fresh lumpia for brunch with peanut mochi balls..peanut is healthy right? LOL! but then I ended up eating lots of pizza and drinking tons of soda later in the night.

Asha looking sadly at the empty boxes thinking ..**Bitch ate all the pizza and left none for meeee!!!!

Stayed up late(had fun!!!) and now I'm too lazy to wash my face so I will probably get a nasty zit when I wake up.

I'm supposed to do a shoot later with Reg and Shams but it was cancelled due to the nasty weather. Must find something to amuse myself with when I wake up later!!!

I'll leave you with Minho's heart melting smile gif!

My Shinee fangirl mode still hasn't gone away!. It's pretty embarassing already. I keep watching Hello and Replay over and over again. Anyhoo...time to go to sleep now before I divulge any more embarassing information caused by lack of sleep and over-excitement over a certain animated film I just saw

Byeee peeeps! xx