Monday, August 29

Nuffnang Celebrates Blog Day!

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My picks below

I feel bad for not posting some of my favorite blogs since I'm supposed to pick new/unknown blogs from all around the world and those that are very different from my own..hence no fashion/beauty/asian inspired blogs(sorry loves!)

Anyway without further ado here are my top picks!!!=

1.) - Wonderful read! I love the wit, humor and oftentimes sadness/longing in his stories...I want more! Pls. bug the author to write more! I'll just use the author's description of what his blog is all about-
"A collection of stories based on personal experiences, and others’. I’ve changed some of their forms to protect their identities, and because it makes things a bit more interesting.
Also, this blog also gives me something to do on my free time, something which I have in abundance.
If the writing doesn’t meet your standards, I apologize. You don’t have to continue reading if you do no want to."

2.)  (USA) Not only is my sibling beautiful and smart(ehem-ehem!) Her tumblr is also a very good read with lotsa pretty pictures and really insightful posts. (I am not posting this just because were related ok! check it for yourself! she can write!!!) It's not you average whiny- too -much reblogged tumblr account. Aside from random cryptic posts about someone or something-It's about a girl/woman coming to terms with cultural assimilation, her separation from friends, family(her very beautiful and amazing sister ME! hehehe! Joke!) and at the same time coming to terms with being an adult and living a life of consequence and meaning(sorry I'm paid to say that last bit =p )

3.) "uncovering the best in me to discover the right girl"  Ok cheesy tagline but the blog is anything but...I posted the link to his first post since I think it's important to get a sense of his story and how his blog began. While there are alot of blogs about single girls out there who are searching for the right "one" I think it's pretty refreshing to hear a single guy's take on this. A must read!

4.)  A blog that is not only visually pleasing to the eyes..they serve up healthy, delicious and easy to make(inexpensive) vegan recipes for everyone to enjoy!

5.) I don't know if this really qualifies since it's not new and she stopped writing years ago. I fell in love with Elyse Sewell when I saw her on the first season of America's Next Top Model and I stalked her online ever since. Her blog is a testament to how there is so much more to modeling that meets the eye(not shitting you ok!?!). She is not only beautiful and intelligent..she is incredibly witty, funny and has a knack for taking great photos(with her or without her in it). Her blog is mainly a diary of her career as a model in different parts of the world(she's traveled alot yo!) filled with funny work and travel anecdotes, beautiful sceneries and shots of weird-crazy products sold in different parts of the world(funniest ones are from asia). A must read!!! How I miss this blog!

6.) I am an animal lover but it's no secret to people who know me how crazy I am about cats!(future crazy cat lady in the making I think!) I love how funny and cute this cat blog is. The pictures and drawings remind me of how crazy and funny cats and cat owners can get.

These are my choices! Whew! I found this especially hard since there are so many blogs that I frequent/read on a daily basis. I chose these because I think they are original, diverse, very different from how I blog and they deserve a wider audience to appreciate them like I do.

Best wishes! xx