Thursday, August 25

Personal updates...Mean girls

Been quite busy pursuing my dream lately....the whole jobhunt process is so tedious and sometimes a bit disheartening! but no! I will not give up!!! aja aja fighting!!!

To be honest I'm at a point where I'm so scared and excited at the same time. Life seems full of possibilities again. I felt really stiffled and tied-down when I went into med school. I was really unhappy with alot of things(things that did not include my grades hehehe!). It didn't help that I got off to a wrong start with some people but I'm glad its all behind me now. I've made alot of great friends there and some of them I'm pretty sure will be for life

 Cheeny, Bajan and GB sorry you guys weren't in the pic eh!

I'm super excited to be making alot of new girlfriends lately. To be honest there was a point in my life that I closed myself off from them. I was betrayed you see...and it really hurt alot to get stabbed in the back by people you entrust your secrets to. I wasn't entirely blameless though...negative energy feed off from each other. I also became a real bitch back then! That experience made me took a long hard look at the person I was becoming(and I really did not like the person I saw)

That's the thing about growing up I guess.. You learn to acknowledge your mistakes and you learn to apologize when you're wrong and forgive people even when you're right.

The thing I don't get about some girls is how they relish in trash-talking and hating on each other. Maybe it's the Media- movies and shows that glorify bitchiness and make it look cool. I don't know...maybe I've just grown alot this past year to realize that it's silly, hurtful and totally uneccessary. You don't have to bring others down to feel good about yourself. If you feel threatened by someone...acknowledge whatever it is in them that you secretly envy to avoid insecure feelings to rise up. I am not totally innocent on this but I try my best to avoid it at best.

That being said! here's to a brighter and more promising future full of laughter, tears and utter girlyness!!!