Friday, April 3

CP-1 Hair Treatment Review

My hair has been bleached constantly for almost 4 years now and I have learned the value of investing in quality hair products and hair repair treatments from salons to keep it healthy and manageable. I was very excited to try this cult hair treatment product from Korea available at Serrymall :)

Product info from site: Looks promising huh?


CP-1 is similar to a machine used in protein care in salons and is very easy and hygienic to use. It's very easy and convenient to apply on hair. High-end korean hair salon use this.

My hair after the treatment 


  • Affordable Php99
  • Kept my hair smooth and shiny after treatment.

  • Thin consistency, not used to products like this. Did not give as much "slip" as other mask/hair repair treatments I've tried

Overall Take
This is an ok treatment for those on a budget with normal or dry hair. For severely bleached/damaged strands like mine, not so much :s  While the product did work to some extent, I've tried better hair treatments but they were definitely way more expensive so if you're on a tight budget then this product can be a good option for you :)

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*Long overdue review, this was sitting in my drafts folder months ago when my hair was long and blonde :s 

Stay pretty! xx

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