Thursday, January 16

Have you seen this B?

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Serena is sleazy and will not hesitate to seduce your man for kicks. Beware!!!

Veronica is a high maintenance kind of gal. She shops at Bergdorf's so she ain't dating no scrub with a Kia ok?

Ginger is everyone's best friend. She actually gives a sh when you complain that you think you're getting fat.

 Carol works at a fashion magazine and downs laxatives for dinner.

 Dita is a vintage chick and is obsessed with thriftshops and the flapper era.

Stacey was a stripper from Jersey but she found a sugar daddy so now she doesn't have to work and has all the money to splurge on animal print and acrylics.

New York Herald Tribune! New York Herald Tribune!* (if you get this without needing to google, you are awesome!)

Krystal lives in a trailer park and dates a biker named Bobby. 

Cheryl is a trophy wife and she seems perfect at everything but the truth is, she's cheating on her husband with his bestfriend.

Jessie listens to obscure music and is not into conventional aesthethics. She sports a pixie because you know...long hair for girls is justsoooo mainstream :s

Sky sings for an all female punk rock band and idolizes Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Anna is an aspiring musician and just dropped out of Berkeley. 

Natasha is a Glamazon. She doesn't work for a living, being fabulous is a full time job ;) 

Lizzie is a New York socialite and heads several charitable institutions. She is best friends with Zac Posen and Tinsley Mortimer.

Katalina is a Russian concert Cellist. She does not speak any english.

 Jenna is a fitness instructor. She is a closet lesbian and dating one of her clients in secret.

Courtney is an actress with an eating disorder. She has recently been cast in the Television remake for Clueless this year.

Ty's dad is a rockstar so she parties like one and spends his money like water. 

Lola is a centerfold and is currently dating Hugh Hefner and his gang :p

Anna is an entertainment news presenter and she currently has chlamydia after sleeping with one of the stars she interviewed :))))

Taking a break from reviews lest I turn into a zombie blogger and bore you to death! :))) 

Truth is I was reeaally bored and wanted to figure out which hair color to go for next so I tried out two online virtual makeover sites and here ya go! Figured it was too boring to just post the photos with some lame description so I came up with some funny stories/personas for each hairstyle! :p

I originally wanted to go for strawberry blonde but I think I look trashy with reddish tones so I guess I'm going to go for my usual medium/dark ash hair most probably :)))


Ps. I kinda want to buy a black wig :s I can't really dye my hair black after all the years and moolah I've spent maintaining my ash blonde hair. My hair looks pretty healthy now and it would get really damaged if I dye it black and then I want to go back to a lighter shade since that would require more bleaching #kikayproblems #vanityshiz #NOtosotanghonhair 

Try it also! :)

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Have a fabulous day! xxx

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