Sunday, June 9

Canmake Cheek Gradation Review 05 Peach Pink

Need an affordable all-in-one cheek product? Canmake's Cheek Gradation gives you the perfect kawaii pink cheeks!

So here's me trying the Gyaru high blush trend aka Asian sunburn hahaha!  Last month, I was given a chance to try some products from Canmake in preparation for their Philippine launch this June.  

Product info from their website:
Finish with a 4-color mixture for a classy beloved face
One brush and you have sculpted cheeks, a sense of shine and glow, a vivid expression.

Perfect cheeks using 4 colors
Create a sense of depth with a combination of 4 colors. Use strong color for cheeks, light color for highlights. Freely and easily mix all 4 colors.
Enjoy variety by mixing just the color you want.

A satin sheen for glowing cheeks with shiny pearl. Two different textures, for sparkly sheen skin
A satin-smooth sheen from very fine pearl that shows your skin instantly brighter. Delicately shining pearly particles give you a lively skin look. Flick on a brush-full in the evening to suppress dark shadows.

05 Peach Stripe
A healthy-looking peach-pink that will suit all complexions. For adorably cute cheeks!

Natural lighting

 With flash

Natural light swatch

 With flash swatch


  • Pigmented buildable color
  • Versatile/ all-in-one product (highlighter, blush, eyeshadow)
  • Compact and portable
  • Colors can be used alone or mixed with each other for a different look
  • Cheap/reasonably priced

  • None

Overall Take 
This product is shimmery and surprisingly pigmented. It's not chalky like most asian shimmer gradation products. It gives that kawaii pink look perfect for most Asian girls and those going for a Gyaru or Ulzzang look especially the high blush aka Asian Sunburn trend lol! The brush that comes with it is a flat synthetic brush that's easy to use and clean. It is relatively cheap and  is a very versatile product, you can use this as blush, highlighter and eyeshadow. 

Will I purchase more of this? Yes! I want to collect all the different shades!

I look weird with nose contour! I think I prefer my regular nose hahaha! I probably shouldn't bother but I wanted to do the whole Gyaru makeup routine  

Now I'm sure most of you are dying to get your hands on Canmake Products asap!
Follow their social media accounts for more updates on where they will set up shop soon!

Stay pretty! xx