Friday, May 10

Canmake Philippines

Canmake products will soon be available in the Philippines!!! <3


"CANMAKE" started in 1986. It is a brand endorsed not only by teenagers and young office workers, but also by professional makeup artists. The reason lies in their consistent concept of "Cute, High quality, and Reasonably priced items.” In the past few years, Canmake has expanded into the Asian markets.
Currently, Canmake is available in most Asian countries with Japan, Taiwan and Korea having the most number of stores. Canmake will soon open its first exclusively distributed store in the Philippines this 2013!

Canmake Products 



* AFFORDABLE PRICE (Prices range from 250 pesos ~ 1000 pesos)

Yesterday (May 9, 2013) I was invited along with other bloggers and beauty afficionados to take part in Canmake Philippines' 1st Beauty Workshop at The Wine Museum, Pasay City.

*Some photos were taken from the Canmake Philppines Fanpage album

The lovely Kaori Anzai, Merchandise Section Chief of CanMake Japan introduced the latest and hottest beauty products to hit the stores soon!

We were treated to an in-depth make-up tutorial on the latest trends in Japanese makeup by renowned makeup artist Toshimi Itabashi.

Here are the looks for Canmake Spring/Summer 2013!

Picture picture! 

Bloggers testing the Canmake products

 Me(in normal/non gyaru makeup) and the lovely Chai Mungcal

Some of their eye makeup products :) 

My favorite eyeshadow palette! The colors are so gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear!

 Cheek products! I love their cream cheek blusher!

Eyeshadow Palettes <3 (love the colors and the pigmentation was good especially when you use the eyeshadow base on the lower right)

 Fail photo of their blusher palette (sorry I just had to share this despite the blur! it was the only photo I took and the colors are so lovely!) 

 Chai testing their wares (follow her awesome blog here!)

 Edible table decors and makeup sponges

Food <3

 Me and Chai digging in

Thank you Brotha for accompanying me to this event even if I had to force you to do it! I owe you a solid! ;)

I also had the pleasure of meeting Japanese hairstylist and Creative Hair Director Mr. Shun Tsusumi of  Express Hair Studio.  Do visit them if you're looking for an authentic Japanese hair stylist! (Looking forward to collaborating with him soon but I digress hahaha! back to the topic at hand!) 

My souvenir photo from the event

Thank you CanMake Phils for the invite! Can't wait to try and buy more of your products!

More photos at the Canmake Philippines Event Album 

Will post more about the products, review and swatches soon! Stay tuned!
They will be in stores this coming June! (Not sure yet on the store location)

Follow them here for more updates/info! ;) 

Twitter: @CanMakePhils
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I also met other bloggers but I didn't get to have my photos taken with them but do check out their blogs here:

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