Tuesday, May 21

Leave Us Alone You Bullies!

Just because your country has more firepower does not give you the right to stomp around and abuse us!

This is not a hate letter against Taiwanese people, this is addressed to those who are harassing and abusing my countrymen! Pls. have the decency to get your facts straight before you go parading around the streets and making life difficult for innocent citizens who are just trying to make a living to feed their families back home.

In case you forgot, those fishermen were out of line and went inside our territory. Based on previous reports...foreign fishermen always abuse Philippine territories and fish illegally in our waters. Yes our coastguard might have responded harshly but who's to say what really happened when the official investigation has not yet even finished!

If somebody burglarizes your house at night and you shot him in response, do you need to apologize for it? I think not***

And yet repeatedly we have done so, and you like any ignorant and stupid bully took to the streets and start crying foul and abusing any Filipino you can get your hands on. Grow up! These people did nothing to you...and as far as I can recall-whenever somebody abuses/kills a Filipino national in a foreign country, we don't go around beating up and harassing the nearest citizen of that country we could find. 

We are a peaceful country and we'd like nothing more than go about our ways and get along with the rest of the world. We respect national territories, we don't invade other countries, rape and kill their women and children, we don't bully and harass people from other nations and we most definitely do not condone any citizen of ours who do so. 

All this hatred and violence should stop. Allow the authorities to handle this matter properly. What you are doing is not helping anyone and it clearly shows poor character. 

Pls. leave the Filipino OFW's alone!!!

***Abusive analogy but you get my drift