Tuesday, May 14

Eyelash Extensions

I've tried eyelash extensions before but they were the worst thing I ever did to my lashes (from Azta katip)  and since then I've avoided them like a plague. I'm not really sure if there are good lash extension salons here in the Philippines. 

Lately I've been seeing more and more Japanese models/celebrities get them instead of donning the usual Gyaru lashes. Is this the current trend for Mode or Otona style now? I think even Momoko and Ena have them too!

Asami's eyelash extensions. They're so gorgeous and I think in Japan they even do lower lash extensions!!!

Lie <3 waaah! I will always love this girl!

She got upper and lower lash extensions too!

I've also noticed that Gyaru Queen: Tsubasa is now gearing towards a more toned down/natural eye makeup look. So I'm guessing less is more is quite trending with some of our grown up Gyaru idols nowadays! 
*Pictures do not belong to me, these pictutres were taken from Asami's, Tsubasa's and Lie's Ameblo accounts

One of my favorite bloggers Miyake Wong (ulzzang)  is also a fan of Eyelash Extensions, she even tried lower lash extensions (in Singapore but they only last for about a week, I don't know about the Japanese ones) 

Anyone know where to get quality lash extensions here in the Philippines? Pls. leave a comment below if you have any suggestions! I'd really appreciate it!
 The ones I've seen so far look really fake or the workmanship isn't really that good compared to these pics.

Stay pretty! xx