Thursday, March 14

Seriously Google!?!

Google reader is shutting down....for some that might not amount to much but as a blogger and blog reader myself this is awful news.

As a blog reader I have always used Google reader as a means to subscribe to RSS feeds from sites and blogs that I like. Shutting down this service means I have to use a third party service now... what a hassle!

As a blogger there is a huge potential for readership loss if most of them use this platform as a means to read your feeds. Not everyone has the gumption/patience to log into another RSS service when they have their Google accounts to take care of this for them.

Another bitter pill to swallow...another tactic by Google to force Google+ and Google pages down our throats.

I am seriously considering moving my blog to Wordpress.

For those who still want to follow/receive updates from me, I highly suggest to do so via Bloglovin', Networked Blogs , NuffnangX OR Google+  :(

Update: Found a substitute RSS reader which can be linked to your current Google account. It will keep all your current subscriptions intact even when Google Reader is gone is pretty nifty and no need to sign up to a new user account or anything.

Go here to sign the petition to keep Google Reader.