Sunday, March 17

Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow Mascara Review 01 Yellow Brown

Hate bleaching your eyebrows? This might be the product for you! ;)

3 Shades available

Current eyebrow product ranking in Cosme as of 3/15/13

Product Photos

No eyebrow mascara

With eyebrow mascara

Swatch no flash

Swatch with flash

My eyebrows (filled in the sparse areas using a slanted brush)

Description (from the web)
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Coloring Eyebrow is a multi-proof eyebrow mascara. It is water-proof. With the use of this eyebrow mascara, it gives you attractive & glamorous eyes. It is a good expression of eyebrow color. It has film-type colorant coating. High resistance to sweat, water, and sebum, while still easy for make-off cleansing. It contains panthenol as treatment ingredient for eyebrow nourishment. The specially designed "technical brush" allows an easy application and wearing of colors with the least possible drawings.

How to use it
Select the color best matched with your hair color and eye color. Brush over lash from the outer end of brow to the inner end. Then brush over lash once again from the inner end to the outer end.



  • Pigmented /good coverage (a little goes a long way!)
  • Long lasting!- waterproof and rub proof (when set)
  • No weird smell
  • Did not irritate my sensitive skin
  • Cosme approved product!

  • Not available locally (from HK)

Overall Take 
The problem with blonde hair is that I constantly need to bleach my eyebrows to avoid looking like some trashy chola bitch from the hood. This product takes care of that problem and allows me to sport beautiful and light eyebrows that does not come off despite my brother's best effort to rub it off to annoy me (hahaha!) it's waterproof too so it's perfect for summer!

I did not follow the instructions and just brushed my eyebrow hair with the wand from one end to the other! I didn't know you were supposed to go back the other way lol! That's probably why I didn't cover all the dark eyebrow hair!

I will definitely repurchase! :) 

Hope this helps! Stay pretty! xx