Friday, January 27

Tony Moly Valentines Sale 40% off!!!!!

Rush to your nearest branch now!!!

Tony Moly Boutiques- Jan 27- Feb 19, 2012
Tony Moly Dept. Store Branches (exc. Cubao) Feb 9- 19- 2012!!!

I will definitely hoard! hahaha! I want the Live Snail Line! Huwaaaaa!!!!

Sale Items with discounted prices (in Php):

3-point speedy liner 01blk 298.80
Backstage Double Edge Eyes #02GLAM DIVA      436.80
Berry Berry Nutrivive Cleansing Gel 268.80
Berry Berry Nutrivive Face Scrub 226.80
Berry Berry Nutriwhite Cream 50ml 448.80
Berry Berry Nutriwhite Essence 50ml 448.80
Berry Berry Nutriwhite Lotion 140ml 418.80
Berry Berry Nutriwhite Skin 140ml 418.80
Berry Nutriwhite Eye Cream 30ml 448.80
Berry Berry Body Lotion 300ml 316.80
Berry Berry Body Oil 298.80
Berry Berry Body Oil 155ml 316.80
Berry Berry Body Wash 298.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Cleansing Oil 150ml    268.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Cream 30ml 418.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Essence 50ml 418.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Face Scrub 150ml 226.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Lotion 140ml 388.80
Berry Berry Nutritive Skin 140ml 388.80
Berry Berry Whitening Sleeping Pack 418.80
Collagen Gel eye mask 76.80
Cottony Essence Mask-ginseng 58.80
Cottony Essence Mask-lemon 58.80
Cottony Essence Mask-manuka honey 58.80
Cottony Essence Mask-wine 58.80
Cutie Beauty BB Cream SPF36 Lovely Sweetheart Lily      208.80
Dandyguy Double Bubble Foam Cleanser 268.80
Dandyguy Whitening Emulsion 508.80
Dr. Tony AC Control Whitening Serum 526.80
Dr. TONY Pore Clear Gel Cream 376.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion 316.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Emulsion 140ml 316.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Pore Tightening Serum 50ml 376.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Scrub Cleansing Foam 208.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Sebum Control Serum 50ml 376.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Tightening Sleeping Pack 298.80
Dr. Tony Poreclear Toner 140ml 316.80
Dr.Tony sensitive multi healing balm 298.80
Eyelash essence 274.80
Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream 568.80
Floria youth energy sleeping pack 526.80
Ice Cool Jelly Bubble Spray 346.80
Ice Cool Sun Mist SPF30 PA+++ 376.80
Ice Queen crispy green tea pack 316.80
Luminous pink heart makeup starter 34.80
mask sheet pack(Houttuynia) 58.80
Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask-Super Q10 34.80
Oriental Mask Sheet Pack 4 variants 58.80
Premium Zen Cleansing Cream 466.80
Premium Zen Cleansing Foam 346.80
Premium Zen Concentrate Eye Cream 988.80
Premium Zen Concentrate Oil Serum 988.80
Premium Zen Concentrate Serum 916.80
Premium Zen Moisture Emulsion 808.80
Premium Zen Moisture Toner 808.80
Premium Zen Nourishing Cream 916.80
Premium Zen Oriental Feminine Cleanser 376.80
Premium Zen Oriental Mask 946.80
Silky Glaze speedy hair dark brown 298.80
Silky Glaze speedy hair natural blk 298.80
Silky Glaze speedy hair natural brown 298.80
Silky Glaze volume up hair mist 226.80
Tomatox Brightening All In One Fluid 328.80
Tomatox Brightening Essence 376.80
Tomatox Brightening Eye Serum 376.80
Tomatox Brightening Foam Cleanser 208.80
Tomatox Whitening Spot Corrector 376.80
Very Shiny Eye Brightener 526.80
Vita Vital MX7 cream 568.80
Hot pepper body line gel 346.80
green aloe multi soothing gel 196.80
Kiss Lover 2-PK06 tiara pink 286.80
Avocado Homme Emulsion  268.80
berry berry body scrub 238.80
Cutie-Beauty perfume bar 04 grace 268.80
Cutie-Beauty perfume bar 05scharlet 268.80
Cutie-Beauty perfume bar01 chris 268.80
Cutie-Beauty Perfume bar02 Amy 268.80
Cutie-Beauty perfume bar03 lily 268.80
Dandy Guy  Mild Emulsion 466.80
Dandy Guy  Mild Toner 466.80
Dandy Guy Mild soother 508.80
Dandy Guy whitening Emulsion 508.80
Dandy Guy Whitening Toner 508.80
Essential Mask Sheet Pack-green tea 34.80
Essential Mask Sheet Pack-strawberry 34.80
Floria Moisture energy skin emulsion 496.80
Fresh Aqua cleansing water 298.80
Fresh Aqua one step watery foam      268.80
Fresh Aqua pure drop cream 526.80
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop  cream 526.80
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop  Emulsion 466.80
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Essence 496.80
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop gel cream 496.80
Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Toner 466.80
Fresh Aqua water drop serum 568.80
Fresh Aqua water pump booster 328.80
Honey Bee Toner solution mist 658.80
Intense Repair dual effect sleeping pack 556.80
Intense Repair Live Snail cream         1,258.80
Intense Repair Live Snail Foam 508.80
Intense Repair Live Snail Lotion 1,048.80
Intense Repair live Snail sun cream 778.80
Intense Repair Snail ampoule 1,516.80
Intense Repair Snail essence 1,336.80
Intense Repair Snail Gel Mask 178.80
Intense Repair SnailEye cream 1,276.80
Luminous Sheer Base 418.80
Party Lover Shine Blusher 01happy pink 226.80
Party Lover Shine Blusher 02 sweety peach 226.80
Party Lover Shine Blusher 03 love orange 226.80
Premium Zen cleansing cream 466.80
Premium Zen cleansing foam 346.80
Premium Zen concentrate serum 916.80
Premium Zen emulsion 808.80
Premium Zen toner 808.80
Premium Zen Two way pact 02 778.80
Premium Zen Two way pact 03 778.80
real essence makeup base 268.80
Regensia Homme  Toner 628.80
Regensia Homme 2set 1,198.80
Regensia Homme multi fluid 676.80
Synake wrinkle cream 1,618.80
TM sports 101 Emulsion 418.80
TM sports 101 Toner 418.80
Vita Vital MX7Eye cream 598.80

Hoard now!!! I surely will lol! xx