Sunday, January 29

Hanaichi with Akane

Where do two gals go after a tiring day of hamming it up in front of the camera? Why to a Japanese restaurant of course! 

 After our photoshoot with Reg and Yapo we decided to have dinner at Hanaichi. One of Akane's students is the chief there.

Evil moi made Akane cry( I ate all of the sushi! Mwahahahaha! jk!)

 The food was divine! I loved the Uni(my fave sushi!)

Akane's Shoyu Ramen

The Miso Ramen was Sumo-sized. I felt bad not being able to finish all of it.

We were given complimentary Green tea ice cream courtesy of Akane's student (no pics, I ate it all up so fast lol!) We ended the night drinking at Agave.  This is me camwhoring in the bathroom (How crude! but yeah I camwhored in the bathroom! hahahaha!)

I had a blast <3 'till next time!!! :)

That's all xx