Monday, January 23

Dolly wink Otona line 9 Natural Girly and 14 Natural Dolly Review

Look into my eyes!!!! Ahahaha! There is a reason why Dolly Wink remains to be one of the top Gyaru lash brands everywhere. Exorbitant price aside, they are super well-made and universally flattering.

What they look like unboxed:

No. 14 Natural Cute

No. 9 Natural Dolly

Ignore the silly cutesey expression! Focus on my eyes! Do I look Gyaru now? Trolololol!


Ooops! hahaha! (May chismis!)


Very natural looking(for me anyway!) but still Gyaru style
Perfect for daytime
Easy to use and apply (I usually have a hard time with my other lower lashes)

Expensive Php 930 each
Hard to acquire in the Philippines.

Overall take:
I super love these lashes I plan to hoard them the next time they are in stock at Geisha's Secrets. To be honest when the Dolly Wink Otona line came out I was doubtful that they will be as pretty as the first batch but these lashes are definitely worth the purchase! I guess it suits me more now that I am going for a more day to day work friendly look.The Otona line is made to appeal to the more mature/adult Gyaru.

Stay fabulous peeps!!! xx