Sunday, December 11

Bloggers united part 1 and NO I did not copy "her" hair!!!

I was blonde before "She" went blonde and my hair is a different shade anyway. I seriously find it annoying that some people automatically assume that I am a wannabe. She is just famous while I'm not ok!?! If I am to be accused of copying anyone then I admit I was inspired to go blonde because of a filipina Gyaru blogger and that is Yapo who is and will forever be my gyaru inspiration!!!

Minimal makeup = No falsies(lol!)....lately I've been too lazy to put one on eversince I started working. I've just been too tired to give a shit.

My beautiful bestie Shams

Huwaaaa!!! Divine and Laureen! I super love these gals!!!!

Will post more pics when I muster enough energy. There's a real backlog of stuff I need to post and review but lately I literally have to force myself to post something. I'm just too tired and quite depressed I guess.

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