Sunday, December 11

Blogger's United Part 2 and the Many Misadventures of Shams and Angel

2 of Philippine's most bonggacious fashion bloggers! (Camille wasn't there though) Laureen Uy and Divine Lee!!!

I love these shoes!!! The vertebrae heel is awesome!

Too bad none of them came in my size :(

Clothes, accessories and shoes galore!!!

Me and Shams on our way home...(OR SO WE THOUGHT!!!)

We were kinda hungry and wanted to try out Mercato food market but when we got there it was already closed(apparently they're open for lunch and dinner time only! Yikes!) We were so excited to go that when we got out of the car...Shams accidentally locked her keys inside!!!(again!!! this wasn't the first time it happened to us)

Shams calling her mom and friends frantically for help.

One of her friends was kind enough to volunteer and go fetch her spare keys over at her house. We had to go and wait somewhere 'till then.

So we walked all the way from Mercato tent to Market!Market!

I can't believe this happened again! We were both discussing how something always happens when were together! Last time we got pulled over by a cop for that no U-turn thing! hahaha!

Yep this is definitely our song!!!

We found some really cheap but awesome finds at this part of the mall.

So we went around and waited for hours and hours. Apparently Sham's friend has a tendency of being quite clumsy also...he and his 2 friends got into all sorts of trouble and got super lost enroute to Market!Market!....They got to us around 9pm already!!!

Taking pics while waiting.......

I bought these awesome pink glasses from Bayo!!! They remind me so much of what Barbie would wear :)

When we finally met up with Sham's friends we decided to pig-out at Mercato. The kebab there was unforgettable! We ordered too much and had too many leftovers! After eating we dropped by CubaoX for some late night drinking and just to hangout.

That's pretty much it! I now have a spare key of Sham's car to avoid future misshaps!!!(I hope!)

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