Thursday, November 10

Updates! first day at work!

It's been quite hectic for me lately since I've been going from one government office to the the next getting documents required for work.

For those of you who live and work outside the Philippines, count yourselves lucky for not having to go through the pain and torture of inefficient and mean government employees!

I started work today 11, 11, 11- dunno if that's really supposed to make a difference. I felt really tired for most of the day since I didn't really get to sleep much lastnight. I was too excited and I woke up quite early. Made new friends at the office. People were really kind and welcoming. I was pretty shy and felt awkward the whole time though. I'm normally more talkative and outgoing than that. I feel really overwhelmed but quite happy with all the things happening lately. I've been so busy and products I need to review keep piling up.

Just to give you an idea of the backlog(and that's not all of it!) Thanks Ling! and Face of Australia!- the rest were bought by me :) And now you know why I am not allowed to buy new makeup...not 'till I get a decent amount of work wardrobe anyway. I'm excited to get the blazer from F21 tomorrow! I promised myself I'd get it when I start working already. Oh and maybe a new bag/comfy and stylish work shoes since my bad is pretty worn and I mostly have flats or killer heels. Well see!!! I'm thrilled to know that my office dress code is not that shorts allowed only :) Hurrah!!!

Wish me luck!!! xx