Thursday, November 10

Cat lady

Feline fanciers of the Philippines will hold their annual/bi-annual catshow this Sunday, November 13, 2011 at starts at 9am 'till late in the afternoon. Best go there before 4pm :) Entrance is free


For those of you who don't know me so well. I am one of those really obsessive cat ladies who spoil and worry about her cat too much. I used to have two cats but then the other one died due to a degenerative spine condition. He was a sickly but very special cat :(


I used to be a pretty active member of different cat sites and forums before. I've met alot of wonderful and supportive people from the cat community here and abroad. I guess I stopped being so active when Axle died. I'm not completely over him to be honest. He was my first cat and getting him was a truly life changing event for me.

 I am so grateful and lucky to have a super sweet and affectionate cat like Asha though. For those of you who want a docile and affectionate breed, I would highly recommend getting a Ragdoll. Apart from their very pretty looks and rabbit-like fur(which doesn't matt/tangle very easy)...they are a surprisingly very hardy and healthy breed.

Asha- Heat? What Heat? I stay in my aircon room all day!!!

For catfood I recommend only the best- Orijen since they don't use those crappy meat fillers, vegetable protein and unhealthy ingredients(trust me I analyze everything on a catfood ingredients list!) You can really see the difference on how big they grow and how shiny and thick their fur gets. When Axle was only 8 months old he was already bigger than 2 year old cats(and he wasn't overweight/fat!!!)

Asha- Isn't she adorable!?! (taken when she was only a year old)

Happy times :) Axle's bday celebration

 About the the catshow- Let me know if you guys are going! and don't forget to say hi if you see me around!

Oh and don't hesitate to ask me anything about cat related stuff. I think I'm pretty well versed on that topic also. :)

Love lots! xx