Thursday, August 4

Chorizo bilbao rice- uhealthy but good cooking

Yesterday I was too lazy to go out to eat so I just used whatever was in my fridge/pantry to make some dinner. It actually turned out better than I expected!(hahaha!) Tasted like paella on a budget! LOL


Leftover garlic rice(plain rice would do)

Chorizo Bilbao

Chopped garlic and onion

Spices- You can use whatever you like, I chose to use- paprika, cayenne pepper(I like spicy food! you can opt not to add this if you don't want it hot),  salt,  pepper and my cheat ingredient= ajinomoto msg (hahaha! it makes food taste extra good!)

Olives- use as much as you like I only used half of what was in this container though.

First- fry the garlic and onion in low heat using the oil from the chorizo bilbao can (if you use a differenr chorizo just use olive oil or whatever oil you prefer), add the chopped chorizo bilbao...

Add the cooked rice, season with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, ajinomoto and mix thoroughly. Add the olives.

Voila!!! dinner is served! 

That's all for now!

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