Sunday, October 11

I-Codi Funcle Crazy Lens 111 White Screen Lens Review from Uniqso

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween is fast approaching which means now's the time to come up with the scariest, coolest or sluttiest costume (if that's you thing) this year! 

I got these lenses from UNIQSO

They are one of the largest online shops selling a wide variety of big eye circle lenses, contact lenses, sclera lenses, wigs, makeup accessories, kigurumi and more!
What's great about them is that shipping for these lenses took no time at all! Normally when I order lenses from stores in Malaysia/Singapore/Hongkong...they would usually take around 30 days to arrive but I got these lenses within 2 weeks from ordering via express shipping. How awesome is that!?!

Current Halloween Promotion from Uniqso

Enjoy 10% 15% discount for all crazy lenses and enjoy lower express shipping promotion for just $10 (To USA)!

 And get below for free!
  1. Complete Blink-N-Clean Lens Drop for order above $80 > while stock last!
  2. Lens Case - Candy or Lens Case - With Mirror & Bottle (Bunny) for order above $50 > while stock last!

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These lenses were sent to me for free for review purposes so let's get cracking shall we? 

Base Curve 8.6mm
Diameter 14.2mm
Processing Time 2-3 working days
Replacement Period 12 months
Water Content 38%
Free 1 normal lens case (medium)

Price: $24.90 

Close up shot of the lenses


5/5 Color- The color is a very vibrant almost opaque white with thin holes that would allow you to see through the lenses

5/5 Vibrancy- Very Vibrant

5/5 Design-  Very cool almost completely white out design. A more comfortable option instead of wearing sclera lenses.

3/5 Comfort-  Very comfortable to wear although your vision is not completely clear since it has a screen like pattern unlike the normal lenses with a hole in the middle. It feels like you're looking through a thin screen/veil. It might be tough to wear this at very dim areas or clubs at night since your vision will be a bit hazy. 

4/5 Diameter/Enlargement- At  14.2 mm they give off a sclera lens-like effect since there are no defining borders, 

Overall Take
These are the coolest, most unique pair of lenses I've owned to date, the second one that comes to mind is my White Princess Pinky Cosplay Corunus lenses. This is perfect if you're going for different creepy looks. It can be used for a haunting ghost-like effect, for a creepy possessed look, zombie, oracle, Storm from X-men or whatever look that would need white-out eyes. My only concern is wearing them in dimly lit areas since your vision is not completely clear but other than that these lenses are definitely a must-have for halloween!

I'm not really sure about my costume yet for Halloween 2015 but I am definitely planning to wear these lenses with my outfit.

How about you? Any costume ideas?

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That's all folks! xx

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