Wednesday, August 19

How to shop when you are almost broke

I am not the best person to give you advice on how to handle your finances because I am a total failure in that department (thank God I'm pretty! mwahahaha!)

Me in a nutshell (Yes I am quite dumb with money)

I am pretty good at shopping however so instead of curbing anyone's urge to splurge because let's face it, it's really hard not to. Lemme give you some tips on how to get stuff you want when you're strapped for cash.

Option 1
Get your boyfriend to buy stuff for you. 

If you're single

Option 2 
Get a boyfriend who can afford to buy stuff for you

or you can always

Option 3
Get a job

But if you're job doesn't pay well enough

Option 4
Moonlight as a stripper (Strippers make way more money than most regular dayjobs! werk it girl!) 

These are tried-and tested methods for Pretty-Girls-Who-Can't-Earn-Good-and-Wanna-Get-the -Good-Stuff-Too 

Kidding aside

If you really want a better way to shop without going for broke (and losing your dignity)
You can always try these sites to give you the best deals and discounts on your favorite stuff:

Got ya there didn't I? :p 

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