Thursday, February 26

Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox Review

 Alo peeps! Today I will be posting about the Special Edition Eye of Horus Glamourbox. Eye of Horus Cosmetics is a cult Australian brand known for their pigmented and long lasting eye makeup and I was absolutely thrilled that this box contained my favorite color from the bunch- their Teal Malachite liner.

The liner alone costs P990 and the other items would add up to P3.3k plus but the box only costs P695 so it was definitely worth every penny! Let's check it out shall we? :)

The Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara- If you’re after perfect natural mascara that won’t run, smudge or clump, the Eye of Horus goddess mascara is exactly what you are looking for. Formulated in the style of the ancient Egyptians, Eye of Horus mascara uses natural, non-irritating ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive eyes. It strengthens and lengthens for ultimate Goddess lashes.

I'm not really a mascara fan since I normally skip this part and wear falsies instead. This mascara gave average length and volume for me (probably bec I have really sparse, stick straight lashes) but they gave really good definition and did not clump easily. This is good as an everyday mascara esp for those with sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lenses but not really good if you want extra volume and length.

I super love the Teal Malachite Goddess Pencil! So happy I got to have this for such a steal <3

The color is a perfect pigmented shimmery Teal. It doesn't smudge and lasts the whole day. You will need a good eye makeup remover for this product!

I really don't get people's aversion to colorful makeup and this liner. It is such a wearable shade that would suit most skintones and can be worn everyday to enhance different eye colors. This liner definitely enhances my brown eyecolor.

I love this necklace. It was also a major deciding factor for me on buying this box. This reminds me of the necklace that "Death" wore on the Sandman Chronicles.

The facial bamboo mitt. To be honest I don't use facial brushes or sponges so I will probably use this less often than I should since I am quite lazy in the cleansing and exfoliationg department! ooops! :s

This Eye of Horus pencil sharpener is amazing! I have wasted alot of good pencils due to cheap bookstore sharpeners and I will never use another cheap sharpener after using ever :p

This is a quite a different look from my usual one's don't you think? 

I actually would have bought this box for the liner and necklace alone. The other items are such a fab bonus so I am definitely very happy with this box! 

#EyeLoveItGlamourbox !!! ;) 

Ps. they are having a sale on EOH products this month over at Glamourbox. Check it out yo! 

Thank you Glamourbox and Eye of Horus Cosmetics for this awesome box.
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Take care! xx

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