Friday, March 7

Simple things a photographer knows, but should never forget

A Los Angeles advertising photographer knows plenty of stuff about photography. He knows that first of all, if there is no passion in his heart for photography, there is no way he is going to make something beautiful. Even when working for an advertising campaign and the main goal is to just earn some money, the job has to be done in the best possible way. There is no place for bad photographs. Even the commercial ones should stay art works and the only one who is responsible for it all is the photographer.

There is so much to know about this beautiful art that is now also an industry. These are all basic things, but as we know, we are the ones who tend to always forget and miss the simple facts, the essential rules. This is why I am going to talk about the simple things a photographer already knows but should never forget.

Don’t use the majestic art of photography in order to become a celebrity. If you put it like this, there is no way you’ll ever get success. You will simply forget about the details, the small particles and you will tend to shoot bigger things that may get you nowhere. The details are the ones that matter. In order to capture a million dollar tiny detail, you need to have an open mind to observe it. What you aim for has to be achievable, don’t you ever forget about it.

As it is already said, love your job and enjoy every single photograph you are taking. Otherwise, you will not create beautiful, genuine photographs. Pay attention to what you feel and what crosses your mind when you are shooting someone or something. Your skilled mind and talented soul can give you an amazing hint on what angle you should choose and what lentils you should use for this specific photo shoot. It all comes from your inner creator, listen to him.

Another good idea for a photographer is to be a part of a photography community. I know today, this is just so easy, joining a group on Facebook, but better search for real ones. You know, where people with common interests meet and share amazing experiences. Of course you are unique, but a little photographic brainstorming is what every single guy with camera needs.

Finally, learn to accept the critique on your art. Always remember every single critique is just better than no critique at all. The one that brags you will make you feel better and it will point out the best in your work and the one that says your work is just bad will teach you. The apathy is what should scare you. Your works should never be unnoticed.

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