Sunday, August 25


Don't call me doll.
I hate that!
Nobody wants to **** a doll
'cept for perverts and miscreants.

You know what I do to dolls
once I tire of them?
I use to cut their hair up and
draw mustaches on their faces.
When I get really sick of them...
I'd cut their heads off and that's that.

don't call me doll.
Dolls are made of tougher stuff. 
Dolls don't cry when you call them stupid
nor bruise when you punch them in the
face three times.

Dolls always look pretty, 
perfect smiles, perfect hair...
Even at 3 in the morning or 8.
They never get fat nor need to
starve themselves to stay skinny-
They just are.

And dolls don't get Acne...ever.

 Dolls don't get their hearts broken.
So what if Ken or GI Joe is dating Stacey
or that new Bratz girl?
They don't get their hearts broken!
They don't have one you see.

Don't call me doll ok?
I may look cute and sweet at times
but if you're being an ass 
and try to grope me when you're drunk-
You'll get your balls kicked.

If you flirt with Jenny or that new intern
I will find out soon enough
 and you will get your ass handed to you.

So instead of trying to be cute and
try to compliment me with that word
Why not call me by my name instead?

Hi My name is _______ and you're?.....



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