Monday, September 24

Spring by Hayuan restaurant

Red Bean Pao

It's probably in bad taste to post this considering me and my officemates are on a diet but yeah... I am going to post this lol! 

I love how they serve their dishes down to the adorable tea cup! 

You must try their Maki Mi! It's one of their signature dishes.

And their cua pao is probably the best I've tasted in awhile.

Their lechon macau is cheaper than northpark's but Northpark is a tad bit better

I wasn't that happy with the red bean pao although it looked so adorable. I didn't get to try their salted egg lava pao which seems to be the top seller, it got sold out! waaah!

I will definitely come back here! It's cheaper than north park and most of their dishes are healthier.

On a sidenote, this is our office lunch hahaha the entire office has been put on a diet:

Hope this helps! xx