Monday, November 28

Welcome home Eno

Pictures don't do this cat justice. He is sooo big and adorable! He looks pretty wicked but in reality he is such a gentle giant. Asha bullies him and he just backs down and skulks away. He is half persian/himalayan which explains his size.

He behaves a lot like a puppy. Very affectionate and eager to please. This morning when my alarm woke me up he immediately jumped into bed to greet me. Anyhoo this is a very mushy cat post. I just realized that I got him on Axle's birthday from Axle's breeder(Thank you Zie!)

Thank you Axle! I know you are up there listening to me when I am in crazy cat lady mode or when I talk to you when I am alone and missing you. I love you forever king cat <3

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That's All! xx