Monday, October 3

Yes I'm still breathing


Second interview outfit

 Hello peeps! I haven't posted for awhile now. I've been quite lazy(ごめんなさい。 Gomennasai!)
Hopefully my photoshoot pushes through this week(look forward to that and my first ever sponsored post review! 2 fabulous and super comfy flats from Solesister Philippines!!!)  

Btw I won a mystery gift from Anna!!! Weeee!!! So happy and honored she chose my entry :) I cant wait to find out what it is!

My false underlashes finally arrived!!! Plan to claim them at the post office tomorrow(or maybe just ask someone to claim them for me since I'm such a lazy bum! lol!) I'm so psyched to attend the Laneige makeup workshop for bloggers nextweek!(Yey! thanks for the invite Kaybs!)

As you may have noticed, I have recently discovered my love for Polyvore. I know there's a local version of this but I prefer Polyvore since I can make sets out of really expensive designer stuff(something I can't afford right now so it sorta has this wish-fullfillment quality for me)


Asha says hello!!!