Monday, August 1

rainy day foodtrip, my cat and random pictures

Been raining cats and dogs here in manila. Been eating out/takeout mostly- shakeys, phohoa(vietnamese place), northpark(chinese), jollibee and everything at steak. I didn't take many foodporn pictures though since my camera phone sucks! (I definitely need to save up for a decent one!)

Pho'ga (viet chicken noodle soup)

I think I am gaining weight like crazy! I want thinner legs(huhuhu!) Some might say I'm thin already but I wanna be as thin as those gyaru models in popsister and the like! (super skinny arms and legs!) I need to start watching my diet soon!

Introducing my ragdoll cat= Asha...she's in heat right now but I can't find a mate for her. It's pretty hard to sleep at dawn! I just gave her a bathe this afternoon because she was starting to get grimey!

She likes to chill in the clothes hamper sometimes

Or in boxes!

Visit: Cookie-Bits.Net

She also gets a bit drunk over the weekend!

I'm kidding ok! lol (alcohol not meant for pets!)

The cheap steak place we went to for dinner. The steak is pretty good although its not so consistent-sometimes it's juicy and bigger, sometimes it's dry and smaller...I don't know why its pretty frustrating when we get the not so juicy ones.


What I wore

Cute kitty patch design

My shorts have this super cool texture- white lace over black fabric and it has really cool pleats! (not shown)

Anyhoo! that's it for now!

Stay pretty! xx