Tuesday, July 19

Saizen haul!

I love Saizen! For those of you not familiar with this japanese discount store- its just like daiso but they have more items(all for 85php)  They sell a wide range of stuff from super cute stationeries, houseware, socks, pet supplies to cosmetics You might want to check it out yourself! Now take note since it is a discount store, not all items are of equal quality so you really have to take the time to review each product before making a purchase.

I got these fabulous cosmetics for only 85php each! I have to say though that my super fave amongst them are the lipglosses(nude and pink) They are so wearable and have just the right amount of color and gloss to be worn alone/ to complement any lipstick. I think these colors are also very flattering to any skintone and with their cute packaging they are a definite steal! (the packaging reminds me of this pricey lipgloss brand that I loved that they stopped selling at beautybar a long time ago)

Next up is the false eyelashes that comes in two's(i cut my other one 'coz i wanted to play around and mix them up with my other falsies) It has a very sturdy band so I think these would last you a very long time. The design is perfect for those wanting that japanese gyaru doll look :)

I also got tempted to buy this contouring kit since I wanted to contour and highlight my face structure more. This product although not super pigmented delivers the right amout of color with the right brush. The brown shade can also double as an eyebrow powder(which I use often to match my current haircolor)

The quartet of eyeshadows that I bought are apparently refills of an eyeshadow case(not sold) which I didn't know 'till I opened it at home. Note the tape at the top of the package- I stuck it there so the film protector stays put when i put it back in its packaging. I love the color payoff of the brown and gold shades, the white and cream one isn't as nice though(as compared to my other eyeshadows with same shade). I don't regret buying this though.

I also bought these socks at saizen since they remind me of those cute socks in japanese fashion magazines. Check out the pretty lace detail :)

All in all I am very happy with my saizen loot and the fact that they were so cheap didn't leave me with that guilty feeling I get when buying multiple cosmetics in one day :)

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