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Sunday, August 27

Picoway Treatment Review

Pigmentation, rough skin, fine lines and large pores? Say hello to flawless skin with this new laser treatment that works 5 times faster than Revlite. Today I am sharing my Picoway Laser Treatment experience at Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre.

Friday, September 30

Beauty Lab Whitening Red Light Collagen Therapy Review

If there was a machine that can whiten your whole body, boost skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles, would you give it a shot? Say hello to the future of skin treatments with Beauty Lab Whitening Philippines' Red Light Collagen Therapy. 

Monday, August 29

Gluta Essentials Enhanced Glutathione Review

I'm no stranger when it comes to Glutathione pills because I've tried a number of them already for my blog (some I didn't even bother featuring here due to dubious claims, lackluster or poor results). Today I'm reviewing this new BFAD-approved brand called Gluta Essentials after finishing one bottle of it (30 capsules).