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Sunday, April 26

Hello world meet dork face Pinkoolaid

It's finally time to post random stuff about my life because you know- being a blogger turns you into an annoying self-absorbed %$&*!   :s

Saturday, October 25

Neo Gal Kawaii International Feature

Hi guys! one of my photos has been chosen to be featured in NHK Japan's Kawaii International show. I do hope you guys will take the time to watch it :) If you love kawaii or Japanese fashion then this show is definitely for you!

Wednesday, October 22

Beauty, Ageism and The Female Sex: Why We Need To Give a Damn

(Image source)
I recently came across pictures and articles criticizing Renee Zellweger's looks. Reading the articles, comments and shares from the web made me realize that there is such a discord about how people view beauty and aging between the sexes. Aren't we concerned that in Hollywood, older actors have more career longevity and are cast with actresses half their age while older actresses struggle to find notable starring roles which are few and far in between? Of course they are a handful notable exceptions to this but I am speaking on general terms.

Tuesday, October 21

Grey hair blah blah blah

My hair has been grey for around 3 weeks now so if you haven't been checking my Instagram, then you wouldn't know because most of my posts here were shot when I still had blonde hair. This is a long overdue personal/random post because I haven't really been updating you guys about how mundane and utterly boring my life is really like to be honest.

Bear with me :s 

Monday, July 14

Dolly Wink Philippines

I am so happy to announce that my favorite Japanese brand is now in the Philippines! Waaaah! If you know me personally or you are an avid reader of this blog, it's no secret that I keep gushing about this brand. I really went to great lengths to get my hands on these babies when they weren't available in the country yet. 

Read my post and reviews about their products here!!!

Tuesday, April 22

It had to happen

I've been MIA for a week and I think things are only going to get worse for me these coming weeks. I can explain it all!!! and no it's not because of my beautiful but short-lived stint with pink/violet hairdye (why the f do they make these things temporary? I want to feel like a unicorn for at least a month ok!)

Tuesday, April 1

Hello Kitty Around The World

Hello Kitty brings you closer to iconic sights from popular international destinations with new merchandise from Hello Kitty around the World!

Friday, March 28

Diet and fitness tips part 2

Sorry I just couldn't resist the cheesy cover photo (no matter how I say it, talking about health and fitness is never fun so let's add some ONJ fabulousness into it shall we? :p

3 months ago I would've laughed at myself and never thought I'd be writing this blog entry. I'm the laziest person I know- I'm a homebody, a couch potato and I've never been the sporty/athletic type. I spend most of my time sleeping, eating and surfing the internet :s

(gifs in this post my take a while to load)

Tuesday, March 18

Hello darlings

It's time for another one of those posts where I show you a bunch of pictures with accompanying tidbits about my day to day life. Mix in a few random brain farts here and there to make things a bit more interesting and try to disguise the fact that there is nothing much going on really. I'm probably just as bored as you are right now sitting in front of the computer eating junkfood and checking out random shiz on the internet :s 

Friday, January 24

Just because

In an attempt to convince you that there is a living-breathing human being behind this blog (and possibly a soul). I've decided to forego my usual blog reviews again and flood you with random photos, brain farts, and whatnot just because I can and you will probably read it anyway >=p 

Thursday, January 16

Monday, December 23

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas everybody! Who's excited to pig out? I know I am! Anyway here's a song I recorded to go with my Christmas card this year. Hope you guys like it! I'm going to be too busy tomorrow prepping for Noche Buena so I'm just going to post this now instead :)

Monday, November 25

I still want to marry Nick Carter

or Devon Sawa (but that's an entirely different story altogether lol!)

You know the feeling when you want something so much your heart hurts? That's how I felt every time I saw Nick Carter or Taylor Hanson on TV ( *insert pimple-faced tomboy looking version of me right here) 
This is totally pointless post btw. Just me gushing about boy bands in the 90's-early 2000 so you can totally skip this if you're not into that shiz.

Tuesday, November 5

Would you buy my album?

Just messing with you lol! I'm quite proud of the vintage vibe going on with this album artwork. Ang landi! (hahaha!)  Anyway here's another attempt at singing. I have an penchant for older stuff.

Wednesday, October 30

Blogging and Photoshop - The Beauty and the Beast

Let's face it, we all edit/Photoshop our photos. In the world of beauty and fashion blogging, it is common... a necessity even. But how far is too far? Do we do it to enhance what is already there or do we Photoshop our real selves out of the picture? 

Saturday, October 26

All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho

It's my birthday today! So happy! :) Been pigging out since the day before. I am extremely grateful for this past year. It brought a lot of changes, it has been really difficult at times but I'm stronger for it. I feel like I have grown a lot creatively speaking also.

Me goofing off hehehe

Thursday, March 21

Of High School Crushes and "The One That Got Away"

"In your past, there would always be that boy. When you look back and think of him, your heart would hurt a little"