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5 Reasons Why I Keep Coming Back to Kiyosa for Lash Extensions

Getting  lash extensions from Kiyosa has been life-changing for my beauty routine. I used to rely on falsies since I have thin and straight lashes and the lash curler and mascara trick barely does anything for me. Now imagine going from that to waking up to perfectly full and curled lashes everyday? You could say I am hooked!

Here are my top 5 reasons why lash extensions at Kiyosa are a must for me (and any gal who wants to look fabulous everyday!)

1. They make you look effortlessly pretty whether you're wearing makeup or not
Getting lash extensions done meant I could skip the eyeliner and just apply eyeshadow if I wanted more definition. Plus points for looking pretty at the gym without wearing a stitch of makeup on!

2. They look so natural and feel super comfortable.
Expert application means no thick glue residue at the base of your lashes and they feel like your own lashes.

3. They don't make your own lashes fall off or go bald unlike other lash salons in the metro. 
I had a really horrible experience with lash extensions before where it made my own lashes fall off and they looked so patchy and uneven. Kiyosa lash technicians apply each extension to 1 lash only which means less fall-out and shedding of your own natural lashes. The lash extensions eventually shed without bringing your own lashes along with it. 

4. The procedure is so relaxing and comfortable.
I always doze off when they apply the extensions. It feels so relaxing and ouch-free.

5. They have different lash designs to choose from!
They have Sexy, Cute and Natural designs to suit your eye-shape. Their extensions also come in different lenghts, thickness and curl to suit your eye-shape and desired effect. 

I got my lashes done again for the second time around and this time I went for more fullness and curl. I am currently sporting 10-11mm lenght lashes, SC Curl and I chose the cute design this time (last time I did the natural one).

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty also offers Hair and Nail services apart from Eyelash Extensions. 

They have 2 branches in Metro Manila: 

BGC Branch 
Contact Numbers: 
02 – 805 – 8888 / 0939 – 915 – 8888
Ground Floor, F1 Hotel, 32nd Street, Cor. Lane Q, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
11am – 8pm (last reservation 6:30PM)

Conrad Branch
Contact Numbers: 
02 – 771 – 1009 / 0917 – 620 – 4241
2nd floor S Maison, Marina Way Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
11pm – 8pm (last reservation 6:30PM)

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