Wednesday, December 13

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion Review

I have difficulty sleeping early since I am a nocturnal creature by habit. When I read somewhere that Lush makes this magical tub that helps put tired minds to sleep I was sold.

I was told that this is a seasonal item and it usually sells out fast so I made sure to reserve in advance at a nearby local Lush store. A couple of weeks after they contacted me and told me it was in stock so I reserved one tub and got it the same day after work.

So what is this Lush Sleepy Body Lotion and why is it such a cult fave? 

Lush Sleepy Body Lotion is a nourishing scented lotion that smells of Lavender, rich cream and floral. It gives off a soothing heady scent that relaxes you instantly and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized like no other with its deeply moisturizing and soothing Oatmeal infusion and Cocoa butter. This is the perfect night time ritual to indulge in before you get ready for bed time. I loved how soft and moisturized my skin felt the next day! This product is Vegan-friendly and like all Lush products, they do not test on animals.

Did it help me sleep faster?

Yes and No, while the relaxing scent and the nightly lotion application ritual calmed me and primed my mind that it was bedtime, I really needed to make a conscious effort to clear my mind and switch off the mental circus (maybe it's just me but my brain goes on overdrive at night). 

Any downsides to this product?

Apart from the fact that it is pretty hard to get a hold of, it is quite pricey at P945+ for a 225g tub. Packaging-wise I would have preferred a tube or a pump type dispenser. While the texture and consistency is perfect for me, this is definitely not suited for daytime use (duh) and for those sleeping in hot/humid rooms since this lotion is very rich and creamy. You might need colder weather or air conditioning to sleep comfortably. 

Overall Take

If you're a fan of Lavender scents and rich moisturizers then this is the perfect indulgent treat to help you go to sleep. I heard they've got a bath bomb, shower gel and body spray with the same scent so I am definitely checking those out also! The scent is so addicting and delicious! This product is a form of Aromatherapy and will help in calming you down and prime you for a good night's rest but for those with serious cases of Insomnia or other underlying physiological issues then a visit to a therapist or doctor might do the trick. 

Look at that pretty silver shimmer!!!

Hope this helps! xx

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