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Kiyosa Eyelash Extension Review

I have really thin and straight lashes. I've tried different eyelash extension salons in the past and I alway regret getting them afterwards. Enter Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty and their team of expertly trained lash technicians who can help you achieve the lashes you've always wanted. Find out what makes them different from other lash salons in the metro.

Expert Method 
Their technicians undergo a rigorous 2 month training period so they can expertly enhance your lashes without damaging them. They are trained to asses your eyelashes and make sure they only apply extensions on adult lashes and not on old or baby lashes to prevent them from falling off. They also meticulously apply each strand one by one which looks more natural and will prevent your natural lashes from falling off easily. Unlike other lash salons, they are not heavy handed with the glue so they feel super comfortable and look like your own lash strands. Lash extensions come in varying thickness and curls to help you achieve your desired effect.

The proof is in the pictures, here are my lashes after getting natural lash extensions.

See how clean and natural they look, most lash extension salons and technicians tend to be heavy handed with the glue at the lash root. 

For those interested in availing their services, you may check out their price list below

Check out these  tips on how to maintain your extension longer. I tend to be a side sleeper and that usually ruins lash extensions since they end up folding /crimping them. I found a way to prevent this by wearing my most comfy big glasses to sleep to protect my lash extensions. It sounds silly I know but it really works! :)))

Overall Take
I've tried lash extensions in the past and it was a very traumatic experience for me since it made my real lashes fall off and I had twisty and uneven eyelashes. I even ended up cutting off all my lashes since they ended up looking so uneven and they felt so heavy and unnatural. I also remember how uncomfortable the application process was since it made my eyes sting a bit.

At Kiyosa the procedure was painless and relaxing, the technician expertly applied the extensions with a light hand and I experienced no discomfort or stinging whatsoever. I actually dozed off during the whole process. I wear glasses everyday so she made sure the lash length and curl is suitable for me and my eye shape.

Gone are my past fears about getting lash extensions. I got these done for free but I am definitely coming back to redo/retouch them when the time is due. I love how they look and feel so natural and it takes me less time to get ready in the morning. 

I would definitely recommend Kiyosa to all my friends. No more fears and worries about extensions looking fake or my lashes going bald. You're definitely in good hands with them. 

Kiyosa Japanese Total Beauty also offers Hair and Nail services apart from Eyelash Extensions. 

They have 2 branches in Metro Manila: 

BGC Branch 
Contact Numbers: 
02 – 805 – 8888 / 0939 – 915 – 8888
Ground Floor, F1 Hotel, 32nd Street, Cor. Lane Q, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
11am – 8pm (last reservation 6:30PM)

Conrad Branch
Contact Numbers: 
02 – 771 – 1009 / 0917 – 620 – 4241
2nd floor S Maison, Marina Way Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
11pm – 8pm (last reservation 6:30PM)

Check out 

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