Sunday, October 15

MAC Prep + Prime Lip Review

I hate wearing matte lipstick or liquid lipstick since I have very dry lips and they don't feel comfortable at all. I came across this product while shopping for new lipstick and decided to give it a shot. 

Is a primer/base for your lipstick that adds a bit of moisture and smoothes out your lips to make lip application smoother and more even. 

SRP P1100

This product is a godsend for me! I can now wear my drying matte lippies comfortably throughout the day without making my lips look and feel like a prune. What I love about this lip primer is that it doesn't ruin the finish nor add shine to the lipstick and it actually grips the lipstick to help make it last comfortably. Like a primer also, it smoothes out my lips to prevent tugging and make lipstick apply more evenly on my lips. The trick is to apply a light layer of this and not put on too much. This is not a regular lip balm and I've tried other lip primers before like the useless one from Colourpop. this is definitely way better. If you have really dry lips and you would like to wear a matte lipstick then this is the product for you! I seriously cannot live without this product anymore and I recommend this to anyone who loves to wear matte lipsticks!

Hope this helps! xx

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