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Fenty Beauty Capsule Review

Greetings earthlings! Today I'm giving you my honest take on the much talked about Fenty Beauty products: the foundation, primer, highlighter and gloss bomb. Are they worth the hype? 

Not gonna lie, I am a huge fan of Rihanna for her bold choices in music, beauty and fashion. She has always been a trendsetter and an unapologetic bad gal. To be honest she started my love for dark lipstick and lipstick in general when I nabbed her limited edition Mac Heaux lipstick from her Riri Hearts Mac collection

I must say that I was beyond excited when I got the notification that she will be launching her own makeup line worldwide and I could get mine online at Sephora Philippines! This was truly a treat and a very rare occasion since most celebrity brands are pretty hard to come by locally and I usually need to get them from resellers/international shopping services. 

To be able to get them on the same day as everyone else at the comfort of your own home with ample stocks to boot is just soooo amazing! She is definitely not kidding on the all-inclusive promise y'all!

You may click on the link for more info on each product. Without further ado! My honest review on these Fenty Beauty products: 

32ml - Soft Matte
SRP Php1850

I love the simple frosted bottle of this primer and the light pink color. This does not add any color and applies translucent on the skin. This primer is perfect for those with normal to oily skin types and it feels so light and moisturizing when you spread it on your face. It doesn't feel thick/heavy or silicone-y like most primers although it does contain Dimethicone in the ingredients list. This is the primer for gals who don't want to feel like they're wearing a mask and this is perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines. This primer gives a blurring effect on skin texture, wrinkles and pores and can be worn alone for a natural look. It will not completely cover your pores if you have very visible ones the way Benefit's Porefessional does but this is easier to layer under makeup since it doesn't mess up the consistency of cream/liquid formulations. This reminds me more of the original Smashbox primer in terms of formulation and that's definitely not a bad thing. True to its word, it did help my makeup stay on longer without retouching the whole day at work. I only needed to blot shine on my T-zone around 3pm and I didn't look like an oil slick by then. 

SRP Php1950
Shade 150 Light Neutral

This is probably the star of the whole collection due to its diverse shade range and unique formulation. FYI I am not a foundation type of gal. To be honest I never/rarely wear foundation because I hate the feeling of wearing a mask of some type and not allowing my skin to breathe. This however feels ultra-thin and light and it felt like I was wearing no base makeup that day. It dries up pretty quickly so apply a little at a time. This gives off a very skin-like natural look and offers medium-full coverage without caking up. It doesn't transfer much like most foundations. I am so lucky that I picked the right shade online since it does dry a little darker than initial swatch. This is perfect for those with oily-combination and normal skin types since this stays matte and fresh for hours. This might not be good for those with dry skin types or for those who prefer dewy finishes and have flaky skin. I strongly advise that you exfoliate, moisturize and prep your skin before using this since this is a matte foundation after all and it will not look good if you have flaky skin. Lately my skin has been behaving badly- rough skin, pimples and fine lines and this covered them up pretty well and did not accentuate them later in the day. Please keep in mind that I prepped my skin properly and used the primer along with the foundation so that might have something to do with it too. You don't need setting powder with this foundation since it sets itself and stays matte for hours. 

2 x 6g
SRP Php1950
Shade Lightning Dust / Fire Crystal

This highlighter duo is perfect for those who want a subtle shimmer for daytime and an all-out glow for the night. These are pigmented and not glittery/chalky and they blend really well without emphasizing skin texture. This is a pretty solid highlighter but it did not wow me as much as the rest but it's probably because I've tried better: The Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette and the Ofra Dupethat Highlighters are my faves. 

SRP Php1200
Shade Fenty Glow

My officemate (Hi Anica!) tried to talk me out of buying this lip gloss since it's quite pricey for one but I gave into buying it due to the rave reviews. I honestly am a fan of glosses since I have very dry lips and I am definitely over the liquid lipstick craze. This comes in a really flattering shade that would suit all/most skin tones and for those afraid of shimmer/glitter this gives off a subtle hint of shimmer just enough to make your lips look fuller without the tacky metallic vibe from the 2000's. This does not feel sticky at all but feels very nourishing and lasts me for about 3 hours before I need to reapply. Plus points for the yummy peach vanilla scent and sophisticated packaging. 

Swatches in natural light L-R- Fenty Beauty primer (unblended), Fenty Beauty foundation in shade 150 light neutral, Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighter in lightning dust and fire crystal, Fenty Beauty gloss bomb in Fenty glow.

Overall Take 
We've been getting a slew of celebrity-backed brands at the moment and while some of them have been quite disappointing (all marketing hype and star-power) Fenty Beauty definitely lived up to its hype and delivered quality products that perform well, reasonably priced and offers diverse shade ranges that are inclusive for all skin tones. The packaging looks premium and sleek and feels solid and durable too. The best part? they're readily available and ship out to most countries with enough stocks for everyone!

Fenty Beauty products are available in the Philippines at

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