Sunday, August 13

How to Make High Heel Pumps More Comfortable

Love high heels but hate the pain? I can totally relate to that! This is my tried-and-tested hack on how to wear those dreaded pointy pumps without killing your feet!

I love high heels but I hate wearing them! I've collected quite a few gorgeous pieces but they usually sit unworn in their boxes since I prefer comfort over style most of the time. They may look stunning but pointy high heel pumps are the bane of every fashionable gal's existence. Some are not meant to be worn for more than 2 hours like the beautiful but deadly So Kate's and Pigalles :s Don't fret! apart from getting your shoe stretched and wiping clear deodorant on sore sports, this is the easiest way to make the pointiest pumps more bearable especially when they're new or for those special occasions when those clunky platforms just wont do!

First things first! You will need a pair of these babies to tame the uncomfiest pump that you own. I bought a pair of silicone toe protectors which are mostly used by ballerinas online. You can just search from them at Amazon, Ebay or in my case Lazada. They come in white or nude for around Php 300+

Take one of the silicone toe protectors and put them on with the pumps you plan to wear them with. Trace the shape of the heel opening along the toe protector. 

Take them off and cut along the tracing.

Put them back on and slip inside the pointy and deadly pumps that you love. Position them carefully so the rubber won't show. 

These silicone toe protectors will give you the cushion and protection that you need from friction and blisters! You can also pair this with other high heel inserts for added comfort. 

Hope this helps! xx

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