Tuesday, April 4

The Experts Weight In : How To Avoid Cheap-Looking Makeup

It doesn't matter how much you spend on foundation or lipstick, there are some things to avoid to prevent getting that tacky-looking budget-store look. I asked 3 top Professional Makeup Artists on what makes makeup look cheap and here's what they think!

Ria is the master at perfecting the barely-there to super glam and gorgeous makeup! Her creativity and passion shines through every stroke of her expertly trained hands. Don't just take my word for it! Check out her work and follow her on Insta at instagram.com/reeaquino

Here's what Ria thinks you should avoid to keep your look classy and fab.

  • Too much frost or shimmer - always balance the look with matte or if you want to stay on the safe side, stick with mattes
  • Chalky finish also makes it look cheap - a velvet finish on the powder is more luxurious looking.
  • Less is always more when it comes to piling makeup and color on the face

Slo is an uber-talented makeup artist who has a knack for perfecting that barely-there dewy skin look but has no qualms about turning up the volume to more fun, editorial and creative makeup. Check out her work and follow her on Insta at instagram.com/slomakeup

Here's what Slo thinks you should avoid to keep your look polished and pretty.

  • For me makeup tends to look less put together because of application not really because of a particular combo or trends.
  • Number one for me is confidence, if you feel good in your makeup you'll always look good no matter what.
  • Polished application, take the extra time to really keep lines sharp and blend everything so it looks cohesive.
  • Pick tones that enhance and complement you coloring and features. If you have warm toned skin a peachy tone will do more for you than cool pinks.

Katchie started her roots as a makeup instructor for a local makeup artistry school. Since then she has branched out and honed her skills as an in demand bridal makeup artist, hair stylist, businesswoman and now has her own makeup team and makeup store to boot. Check out her work and follow her on Insta at instagram.com/katchmejias

Here's what Katchie thinks you should avoid to keep you looking glam and gorgeous.

  • Avoid buying the wrong eyebrow pencil color. Always get it to match near your hair color. I always see girls who have black hair or even warm hair and having reddish brown eyebrows. It looks off.
  • Stick to neutral tones on the eyes for an everyday look. Not everyone can pull off a blue eyeshadow.
  • Always hydrate your skin before makeup. Prep and prime to avoid patchy texture. 
  • Take time to find the perfect foundation color matching your face and neck. No one likes a face seperated from the neck.

Whether you use drugstore or luxury makeup brands, it all boils down to application and color selection. Practice makes perfect and hopefully you've learned a thing or two from these experts.What other things do you think makes makeup look cheap and tacky? Share your thoughts below!

Hope this helps! xx

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