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Easy SEO Tips For Your Blog

I'm no SEO expert but I know a thing or two about SEO from more digitally savvy friends in the industry. Upgrade your blogging game with simple tips and tricks to make your blog content easier to find online.

Here's how!

Edit the name of each photo before uploading

Google images indexes each photo based on the name of the file also. Instead of uploading that lipstick swatch with a generic IMG3047587 file name. Take the time to edit it to something more specific like the ones below. Add a dash (-) instead of a space for file names and url.


You want your content to show up when someone searches for content related to yours. Make it easy for google to find it ;) 

Mind the blog post title and url

Think about what your audience will search for when they type something on the search bar and tailor-fit your title to be specific and easy to find. Take the time to edit the blog post url also to something your audience will search for. You can edit this part in Wordpress and even in Blogger (permalink, select custom permalink) Don't forget to use a dash (-) in place of a space in the url.

Proper tagging

It's important to use the proper tags in each post but be more specific with each tags and think about what people usually search for also. 

Photo size and page loading time

Now I know a lot of you are guilty of this because I've visited some of your blogs that take forever to load. While it is important to have high resolution photos, you can still do so by compressing the images and not uploading them in full size since it takes forever for pages to load when you do this. Slow page or photo loading time could mean higher bounce rates. Too many apps and widgets can also affect loading time. Why is this a bad thing? Sites that take too long to load usually discourages people from staying longer or clicking on to another page. You can use Google Page Speed Insights to check and optimize your site loading time.


Getting a do-follow link from a high-ranking or trusted site is a gold mine for SEO and page ranking. Be mindful also if giving out do-follow links to sites that pay you for cheap since google can penalize you for this. 

Fix Broken Links 

Check your site for broken links. Use this tool to find them and edit your entries. Run a checkup every 3 months or so because some urls you have posted might have been changed or the site may not exist anymore. I've had this blog for almost 6 years already and it was really a pain doing this task because there were too many posts with site urls that don't exist anymore. 

And the most important tip of all....

Create Unique and Engaging content

Content is king. People will always respond to helpful and entertaining posts. There are so many blogs out there nowadays and you have to be able to offer something unique, valuable and interesting to your readers. It's important to post new content as often as possible but always be mindful about the type of content you post= Quality > Quantity. 

Avoid copy-pasting from other sites when copying descriptions of products and such, paraphrase words and descriptions because google might penalize you for this, google will always prefer unique content over copy-pasted stuff. 

Why is SEO important?

If you're serious about your blogging career and you want your content to show up when people search online, then you need to be mindful about the stuff that you produce. Google usually updates their algorithms all the time but these are some simple and easy tips you can start with to make your blog content easy to find online.

Disclaimer: I don't necessarily follow all of these things because I suck, I don't have the time since I have a job and I'm quite unambitious. I hope these can help some of you who are interested in forging a solid career in blogging :) 

Hope this helps! xx

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