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How to Land and Keep a Job in the Beauty Industry

My blog is a hobby, I've been doing Marketing work for beauty brands in the Philippines for quite awhile now. It is definitely a dream job if you're a beauty junkie like me and it is not impossible to get into. I had no related work experience before getting into the biz and you can do it too!

Here's the deal, if you think a career in beauty is for you then here are 7 tips to help you get started and thrive in your dream career:

Open That Door

If you have no work experience and you want to get into the industry then you need to have the courage and grit to knock on doors, have them slammed into your face and be willing to get up the next day and try again. When I first started out, I had no work experience in the beauty industry aside from this blog. I encountered disappointments and rejections at first but persistence is the key. There is nothing wrong with dreaming big but you also have to be willing to start small if you've got nothing to back it up. Unpaid internships are a great way to gain valuable work experience in the field. Try applying at smaller companies and startups to gain valuable work experience since bigger beauty companies might be harder to get into.

Put In the Hard Work 

Once you're in, be it an internship or a full time job- you have to be passionate about your work and you need to be able to prove your value to the company. Since you're new, you need to work harder than everyone else to build your reputation. If you're working for a smaller company or start-up then you should be willing to go the extra mile and learn all you can from this experience. Don't be afraid to ask for help and learn from your superiors. Never stop learning! There are ton of free resources available online.

Patience and Perseverance

Just like any industry, you will encounter road bumps and colorful characters along the way and not all of them will be pleasant. You just need to remind yourself not give up when a deluge of problems and stress comes your way because there will be plenty. Trust me, a year or two from now you will look back and appreciate the value of those difficult experiences. I've worked with a lot of wonderful and supportive people in the industry but I've also worked with difficult and demanding ones that taught me how to rise up to the challenge. It taught me grit and courage, I learned how to stand up for myself and for the people I work with and for that I am truly grateful. I remember during my first job when my co-workers used to warn me that no one lasted longer than 4 months in my position but I was able to survive and thrive longer than that. I am still forever grateful that they took a chance on me.

Lean How to Take Responsibility

You will make mistakes- take responsibility, apologize and learn from them. Don't keep making the same mistakes over an over again. Never pin the blame on someone else if you are at fault.

Learn to Work as a Team 

No woman is an island in the beauty biz and it is important that you learn to work well with your team. Always be mindful of each person that you're working with, be nice and learn how to collaborate. Don't be a credit hog.

Build Your Network 

Step out of your comfort zone, meet new people and build relationships. Easier said than done right? I know because I also find it difficult to meet new people, let alone interact with them. Find common ground! That is not too difficult when you're with people who are passionate about the same things as you= beauty. When I was starting out, my first boss taught me this super valuable trick on how to work up the courage to talk to people= Alcohol :))) A glass of wine or two really does wonders for me in calming my nerves.

Why does it matter? It is important to network and maintain good relationships with people in the industry because it is a pretty small one and it helps to leave a good impression on people you might be working with in the future. Don't forget to be genuine.

And last but not the least!

Stay Humble and Pray!

No explanations necessary.

It pains me whenever people get the impression that you just play around with makeup and look pretty the whole day when they think about working in the beauty business. It's actually a far cry from that. You still deal with a lot of numbers, research and put in extra hours of work to be able to accomplish things.

As long as you have a good understanding of how the business works, have the right mindset and attitude- then the doors of the beauty industry will always be open to you (as long as you are willing to knock hard enough that is!)

Best of luck! xx

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