Sunday, January 22

Blogger Deals Newbies Should Be Wary Of

I have been blogging for about 5+ years now and I've had my fair share of bum deals I should have stayed away from. When you're new to blogging- getting free stuff for an ad space or getting paid for peanuts might be no biggie but trust me there is a downside to those type of arrangements. Here are some bum deals you should be extra wary of or avoid altogether:

Post now pay later 

If someone wants you to write a sponsored post and offers to pay you later but this client doesn't come from a reputable agency or company: ex. their emails are personal email accounts or the company they're representing are those wholesale china sites that offer ridiculously cheap items- demand to get paid first upon submitting your blog draft before publishing your post. I have been scammed by these types of deals before and now I know better.

Sponsored posts or texts ads with do-follow links for peanuts

This might seem attractive especially if you're new in the blogging game but this can actually hurt you SEO-wise and Google will actually penalize you for this....worse they can block your site from google search eventually. This does happen! It happened to me before when I didn't know any better. Be wary of providing do-follow links to unknown sites for peanuts.

Guest posts that don't offer value to your blog 

Certain companies or sites will offer "free" articles for you to post on your blog with no pay. While some of these companies are able to contribute high value content related to your blog, there are also some posts people don't really care to read about and will just be unwanted noise to your audience. 

Free products in exchange for ad-space

Getting free stuff is fun and exciting when you're starting out. While writing a blog post for sponsored products is ok, your AD space is more valuable than that and you should never offer this for free unless they're offering to sponsor a major giveaway, an event or really expensive stuff equal to the value of your ad space then you can give them a month's worth for free.

Your blog is valuable and your voice is unique. Take care of it. I'm speaking from both sides of the fence, as a blogger and also because I have been doing Marketing/Digital Marketing and PR for different cosmetics companies for awhile now so I understand the value of a blog post from a business and SEO perspective. 

Have you tried any of these deals before? I have! What other scams do you know of that bloggers should avoid? Let us know below!

Take care! xx

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