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Beauty Lab Whitening Red Light Collagen Therapy Review

If there was a machine that can whiten your whole body, boost skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles, would you give it a shot? Say hello to the future of skin treatments with Beauty Lab Whitening Philippines' Red Light Collagen Therapy. 

Beauty Lab Whitening By Suaviss Red Light Collagen Therapy 

What you notice initially
Clearer, Brighter, & Tighter Skin

Long-term effects
Improved Skin Clarity, Tone, & Texture

Specific Benefits

Whitens and gives an instant glow
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
Reduces dark circles and eye bags
Lightens freckles and age spots
Lightens pigmentation and scars
Minimizes pores
Lightens scars and stretch marks
Makes skin look younger

So what is Red Light Collagen Therapy and how does it work? 

"Beauty Lab Whitening Philippines uses R-630(K) Collagen Light technology. Originating in ancient Egypt, light therapy has been used effectively all over the world in traditional medicine and skin treatment.

Mounted with 43 lamps from Germany that produces one 630nm wavelength, the R-630(K) Collagen Light has the same effect of two hours worth of sunlight with only 10 minutes of irradiation. The treatment, which increases the level of collagen and cell activation in the tissue, has been clinically proven to whiten and tighten the skin while eliminating wrinkles at the same time. A true breakthrough in skin whitening, Suaviss Lab White’s light therapy promises long-term visible results." -Source PhilStar

The Beauty Lab Whitening Infra Red Collagen Therapy follows a multiple step process. I got to try the full body whitening and anti aging treatment. 

Step 1
Full face and body scrub cleanses pores,
lightens dark areas, and removes deadskin cells.

Step 2
Inhibits the formulation of melanin cells.
Uses hyaluronic acid to maintainmoisture.

Step 3
Activates the natural collagen cellsin the skin. 
Gives the skin a healthy pink glow.

Step 4
Locks in the nutrients from the treatmentfor long-lasting effects. 
Makes your skin one shade lighter.

My skin post treatment (Sorry for the photo quality. I left my cam at home the day I had an appointment. I went there after work) :s

Video taken after the treatment

My Review 
My most favorite part of the treatment was when an aesthetician applied scrub and massaged my whole body. It was also a bit awkward since I'm not really used to getting full body scrubs naked but I'm glad that the whole procedure was done in your own private room. The most exciting part of the treatment was stepping inside the Red Light Machine which looks like a cross between a refrigerator and a tanning bed. It felt pretty hot inside, like you're in a tanning bed or under the mid-day sun in the Philippines which is tolerable but not completely comfortable (I'm not a fan of heat or sweating) I opted to go for the 10 minute session instead of pushing it at 15 minutes since I was worried that I might get reactions which I thankfully did not. I love that you can bring your phone or mp3 player inside the machine since they have a  audio jack to plug into if you want to play your fave songs during the treatment. I emerged from the treatment feeling dewy and moist. They applied post-conditioning cream after and I was done. My skin felt so soft and smooth after. It looked brighter and glowing post-treatment. The whole treatment feels very relaxing and indulgent especially the part when they scrub you down and massage you. I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skin tone, firmness, elasticity etc. Those with claustrophobia best stay away since you will be baking in an enclosed chamber for minutes. 

Beauty Lab Whitening Philippines also carries an array of skincare products from Korean skincare brand Suaviss. They have different lines to address different concerns such as whitening, anti-aging, anti-acne and more.

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