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6 Things You Must Do to Make Your First Date Amazing

No one feels relaxed getting ready for the first date. Even having a solid experience in charming people, you will be little nervous and tense. That is the norm, you know. People and circumstances have never been perfect. But are there any tricks to triumph over your fears? Sure. Today, with the help of the Jump4Love dating site where you can find dating profiles of beautiful ukrainian girls, we prepared a short guide on how to show your best qualities and enchant your love interest from the very beginning.

1. Put your pink glasses off

Sometimes, we can fall in love with just a photo. Yes, your companion may look like a fairytale prince or princess, but what`s his or her true nature? Don`t jump to conclusions! A mere study of your mate`s Facebook profile is definitely not enough. You will be able can figure something out only after you two get a bit closer. Perhaps, it sounds odd, but the lower your expectations are before the date, the brighter effect it may have. 

2. Do a research before going out

Social networks do not reveal the whole truth about your prospective lover, of course. Nevertheless, try to gather some very basic data: look at the photos, read the profile out. What kind of music, books, or films does your friend prefer? What does he or she like doing in the free time? Every detail is significant. Once you know something about your partner-to-be, it is much easier to plan the first date in a right way.

3. Be original

Who said that you must follow the conventional patterns of where to go and what to do? Meeting up, going to the cinema and then to a café... Boring! Accumulate your creativity and work out your very own scenario for the first date. It does not need to be super extraordinary, but must somehow match your and your partner`s enthusiasms. Play video games, create a picnic or visit a workshop – choose whatever fits you the best!

4. Take care of your outfit

This actually depends on your date agenda, but let us give you a few tips. Avoid wearing high heels. Even if you decided to have dinner at a new restaurant, you never know what may be awaiting you tonight. A sweet promenade under the stars becomes far less exciting with an ankle sprain. Choose elegant but comfortable clothes. Do not forget about putting beautiful underwear on. No matter if you plan to end up sleeping together or not, make sure that you look stunning!

5. Stay sober

It would be great to go without hard liquors at all. Especially if you have low tolerance to alcohol. No, seriously, a mug of coffee creates a splendid atmosphere to interact. If you wish to drink, order a glass of wine (taking more is risky). A boozy talk with a new person usually kills a potential romance.

6. Communicate!

Show your interest in what is going on: ask questions, tell stories, look into your partner`s eyes. Do not push your friend to reveal any private things. There is also no need to turn your evening into a psychotherapy session. Never, never talk about your ex (or ask about your mate`s previous affairs)! Discuss something that matters to you both without being immersed in your own thoughts.

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