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#MyLipsButBetter Maybelline Lip Flush Get The Korean Trend Challenge and Review

I must admit I got pretty excited when Maybelline asked me to do the Korean Makeup Trend Challenge because I love Korean style makeup! I used to be a huge Kpop fan and the look is perfect for busy girls like me. I'm also going to be reviewing and swatching their newest Color Sensational Lip Flush lippies. 

Here's my take on the Korean Makeup Challenge

Base - Cop a dewy and flawless look using Maybelline's newest cushion compact. Highlight the high points of the face! Koreans love a dewy and glowing complexion. 

Brows - A straight, arch less or slightly downturned brows are the key to looking innocent and younger. Use a brow product 1-2 shades lighter than your haircolor. I used Maybelline Fashion Brow in Light Brown for this look. 

Eyeliner - Koreans prefer a downturned wing than a bold/fierce cat eye for regular days. Use a liquid liner with a thin brush tip. I am so in love with Maybelline's Hypersharp Liner. It's a more affordable option than K-palette or Dolly Wink without sacrificing quality. 

Eyeshadow - Lightly define the eyelid up to the crease. Focus color on the sides and blend. I just used the matte brown shade from the Fashion Brow Palette for this look (it doubles as an eyeshadow too!)

Aegyo Sal - Koreans are fond of this style of eye makeup. They emphasize the tearbag (not eyebag) the fatty part of your lower eyelid since they think this makes the eyes look rounder and cuter. Use the same matte brown shade to define the lower part of your tear bag and use a light shimmery shadow to highlight the tear bag. 

Blush - Apply a light dusting of blush on the cheeks and blend well. 

V-shaped Contour - Unlike western makeup where you contour the hollows of your cheekbones, you only need to contour the sides of your face and jawline for a more V-shaped look. 

Lips - Last but not the least! Apply a sheer colored lippie like Maybelline's Color Sensational Lip Flush and you're good to go!

Maybelline New York  Color Sensational Lip Flush 

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Flush, Sheer Healthy Lip Color

Achieve the the softest, innocent colors. Subtle, sensuous shine. Just the right touch of sexy flush.

Uses smoothing shea butter and food-grade pigments.

My Review
I love how moisturizing and plump my lips feel after swiping this one. I am not really used to sheer colored lippies since the whole matte liquid lipstick trend but I have been wearing 0R1 for 2 days straight now. It actually reminds me of sheer tinted lip balms or the typical Korean lipstick (even the shade names are sort of the same as Korean lipstick). This lippie is perfect for those who want a more natural look and for those who have really dry lips because they are really moisturizing. The trick though is to find the right color for your skintone. The color is quite sheer so it might not be good for those with very pigmented/dark lips since they cant cover pigmentation well. 

Swatched L-R PK02, PK04, RD02, 0R1, C001

All the colors when worn (GIF might take awhile to load) 

Take care! xx 

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