Thursday, October 1

How to wear Neogal fashion for work by Alisa Ueno and NHK Kawaii International

Today I will be sharing an excerpt from Kawaii International's Episode 39 where Alisa Ueno answered a question that the Kawaii International peeps gave me the chance to ask.

Lol! #toofabforajob 

Thank you Alisa <3 Still not over this comment! Pls. adopt me! hahaha!

What is Neogal? Google dat shiz (duh) =p Peace!

Some key points to werking Neogal at work!

I need Fig and Viper clothes in my life <3

Outfit #2

Choker game on point!

There you go! 
You can watch the full episode 39 here (this part falls on the 45min mark near the end of the show) 

I am so happy that they picked me to ask Alisa a question for the show. I feel pressured sometimes to fit in and follow the formula so it's nice to be recognized by someone I admire a lot. Thank you Kawaii International for this opportunity! You guys rock!

That's all folks!

Stay real! xx