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How To Select The Perfect Prom Dress

Whether your teen is in search of classy prom dresses or tight prom dresses, knowing the best methods for making a selection is important. Parents who are placing an emphasis on finding an affordable prom dress would also do well to consult the following list of helpful hints and tips. 

Set Your Budget
Seeking an affordable prom dress? Then decide on your budget before you head out to shop, not after. No matter what your price range may be, there will be classy prom dresses available. If you are able to afford a more costly prom dress that was created by a designer, then feel free to make a purchase. However, a prom dress is much like a wedding dress, since it is worn only one time and has very little re-usage value, so bear this fact in mind. 

Think Outside Of The Box
There are tons of tight prom dresses for your daughter to wear that will not be sold under the typical "prom dress" category. By shopping around and visiting every section of the store that sells dresses, you can unearth beautiful options, at a fraction of the price. Vintage stores are another viable option for finding dresses, without having to compete with everyone else for the usual offerings provided by department stores.

Use The Internet
If you have a daughter who is Internet savvy (and what child isn't these days?), let them do some preliminary online research before making a final decision. Have you already decided on a price range for your daughter's dress and her accessories? Then share these numbers with her and allow her to go to work. Not only does this save you valuable time and energy, but it also allows your daughter to play a larger role in the purchasing process.

Don't Be A Stick In The Mud
Spoiler alert: prom dresses have changed a lot since back in your day, so don't allow these biases to creep up during the selection process. Your preconceived notions as to what a prom dress should like are probably outdated and have no real place in the discussion. Just be sure that your daughter is fully aware of the rules that have been put in place by the school, so that there are no plunging necklines and the dress is not too short. 

Plan Ahead
Don't wait until the last week before the prom to purchase your daughter's dress, as the selection will be severely lacking by that point. Make prom dressing shopping a priority, since there are some dresses that need to be specially ordered and others that could require an alteration. The closer it gets to prom time, selection shrinks and prices swell, so take the early bird approach. 

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