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Botox Review

When it comes to vanity, I'd try anything once for the sake of research so when I got the chance to try out Botox injections I was ecstatic (not that you can tell from my face in the photo :p  )

Kidding aside, Botox treatments can give you natural looking results and you can still make normal facial expressions. What it does is help prevent wrinkles from forming on certain areas of your face where you use the muscles too much. In my case I tend to furrow my eyebrows a lot since I stare in front of a computer screen most of the time so I needed shots to relax the muscles in between my brows to prevent Glabellar lines. 

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I was super lucky to have my shots done by renowned Philippine Dermatologist Dr. Jonathan Yu. He's actually part of the advisory board for Allergan in the Philippines so you can rest assure that you are in good hands. I appreciated his frank and straightforward approach to treatment and he has the lightest touch when it comes to injections! I barely felt any pain and the treatment was so quick. I had it done during lunchtime and I went back to work after. 

Here's some info about Botox and what it does to your face (source): 

Botox treatment involves injecting very small amounts of the purified Botox Type A toxin into the wrinkles. Within two or three days, the muscles that produce frown lines lose their ability to contract. For the next three months or so after you're treated, you can't frown even if you try. After that, the effect gradually decreases until muscles return to normal about six months after the treatment, which can then be repeated.

Botox acts by blocking the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles, so you should not use Botox if you have a neurologic disease or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Certain antibiotics and other drugs that interfere with the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles should not be taken when Botox is used.

The major complication of Botox is weakening of muscles in the vicinity that you didn't want treated. Improper injection of frown lines, for instance, can result in temporary eyelid droop. This goes away in the same 3 to 6 month period.

Doctors familiar with the proper use of Botox can generally avoid even mild and temporary side effects. It is therefore a good idea to ask around and be sure the dermatologist or plastic surgeon you consult is experienced and uses Botox often.

My Treament Photos 

As you can see I have yucky fine lines forming in between my eyebrow region already.  The after photos which where taken 2 weeks shows the results after getting 5 4ml. shots of BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA) from Allergan on different areas of my forehead.

The green dots shows where I'm about to get the injections. After the injections you may see small bumps on the injection sites which will go away after awhile. 

Before injection, me furrowing my brows. 2 weeks after Injection, Here's me trying to furrow my brows but I am now unable to do so. 

 Normal resting forehead 2 weeks after Botox injection

   Normal resting forehead 2 weeks after Botox injection


  • Fast results, no downtime needed
  • Little to minimal discomfort
  • Smoothes out or prevents wrinkles from forming
  • Made my skin smoother and I now look more relaxed
  • Natural looking results

  • None for me 

Overall Take 
I loved the results of my treatment. Apart from this the only regular skin treatment I get for my face is Revlite every 2 weeks. The results looked super natural, nobody can tell I got Botox on my forehead but now you know! Most of you might balk at the thought of Botox shots but I just really wanted to try it for the sake of the experience. I really liked how the results turned out so I might get it again in the future. 

I recommend this treatment if you have wrinkles or fine lines caused by facial expressions and if you're not iffy about injections. Please make sure that you go to a licensed Dermatologist/Physician for this treatment and that they get their Botox from Allergan: one of the trusted names when it comes to Botox (not those iffy China brands ok!) 

I highly recommend Dr. Jon Yu if you're a first timer. He has the magic hands when it comes to Botox injections and he really knows his stuff and will make sure you don't have that fake/frozen look some Hollywood actresses have. 

That's all folks! xx

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